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Christian Gottfried Telonius

—Concerto No.13 in D major for Tromba marina, Strings, Timpani, and Continuo


Christian Gottfried Telonius (died 1750)
Concerto No.13 in D major for Tromba marina, Strings, Timpani, and Continuo

  • Allegro
  • Gavotte
  • Aria Lentement
  • Menuett

Thilo Hirsch, Tromba marina
Ensemble Arcimboldo - Thilo Hirsch, dir.

As if the amazing and beautiful tromba marina playing wasn’t enough, instead of normal timpani, this recording uses a wooden drum often used together with the tromba marina, particularly in churches.  It was first mentioned by Daniel Speer in 1697 and then as late as 1795 by Altenburg and 1796 by J.C. Adelung.

It consisted of a large wooden soundbox with a single string which was divided into two unequal parts by a bridge to produce two different notes like a pair of kettledrums.  The string was struck with wooden sticks and, according to Speer, made a sound “like muffled kettledrums”.  This is the only image I could find of the instrument used in this recording (along with its player, Philip Tarr):


G.P. Telemann, Dan Laurin

—Recorder Concerto in F Major TWV 51:F1


Dan Laurin plays the third movement, “allegro” from Telemann’s F major recorder concerto TWV 51:F1. Telemann was almost completely self taught in music, and was a multi-instrumentalist and composer from a young age in spite of his parents disapproval. As is obvious to any recorder player, Telemann had an natural feel for the instrument, and pushed its limits, often maintaining a very high tessitura, allowing the recorder to project over the strings. This concerto is perhaps the only baroque work to use the highest note playable on an alto recorder, a c8 whereas other works only use up to the g7.

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  9. Nurse Jackie
  10. Bron/Broen
Huelgas Ensemble - Paul Van Nevel

—Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir

Michael Praetorius - Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir

Huelgas Ensemble; Paul van Nevel

Guilaume Dufay

—O Sancte Sebastiane, motet for 4 voices


Dufay, O Sancte Sebastiane, motet for 4 voices

Huelgas Ensemble, Paul van Nevel